Available courses

This course deals with the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of ethical standards in the business environment. It combines the theoretical foundations of setting up business enterprises with the conduct of entrepreneurial activities in the context of one's accountability and social responsibility. 

The course offers the opportunity for the development and execution of a campaign that will prepare students for successful participation in a campaign project mutually   beneficial between a non-profit agency or organization and its various constituencies.

The course aims to equip students with principles and techniques of ethical news reporting,
news writing, news production, and responsible information dissemination through different
formats and platforms.

This course covers the basic principles of financial management.  This furthermore deals with financial statement analysis, sources of financing, capital structure theories, dividend policy , capital budgeting,working capital management and special financing.

Abnormal Psychology is designed to introduce the students to major concepts in psycho pathology that may occur throughout the human lifespan. At the end of the course,students are expected to be knowledgeable on specific mental illnesses including its etiological considerations, clinical presentation and diagnostic criteria. Current therapeutic strategies with ethical considerations will be integrated within the course to promote sound professional development.